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Does our approach

match your values?

What are our goals?

Deliver long-term success

As the long-term operator, our livelihood will depend on the success of the acquired business. We are building long-term sustainability, not chasing short-term profits. 

Protect owner legacy

The owner has dedicated their life to building a successful business and it is our responsibility to continue its growth.

Build a trusted partnership

A successful ownership transition is built upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect. 

How are we different?

Motivated to Succeed

We are investing in ourselves by leaving a successful corporate career in order to own, operate, and grow a profitable business for the long-term.

Bring Industry Experience

We bring experience from successful organizations and can apply the best practices to grow the acquired business.

Self-Funded Search

By self-funding the search we can focus on finding the right business without being beholden to outside influences.

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