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Patrick Blackburne

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Founder & Managing Director

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Patrick is a proven and competent leader with experience across multiple industries, complex organizations, and locations.


Patrick began his career at Siemens, as a member of their prestigious Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). There he gained a reputation as someone who could add value, provide critical insights, and had a keen ability to quickly acclimate to unfamiliar environments. His work drove improved revenue and cost forecasting, increased customer satisfaction, and streamlined project management.


After the completion of the FLDP, Patrick led the All Aboard Florida passenger coaches project. The project was the first privately-funded passenger train project of its kind in the US. The project included many complexities, including a multi-national team, development of a new design, and a new manufacturing facility. His ability to efficiently communicate and connect with customers and colleagues from the manufacturing floor to executive leadership helped to drive the project forward.


Following his time with Siemens, Patrick transitioned to the hospitality industry where his focus was corporate strategy for IHG. Throughout his time with IHG, he had a variety of strategic responsibilities; including regional strategy, brand marketing strategy, and global revenue strategy. He developed the commercial targets during the brand launch and ramp-up of "avid hotels" and developed feasibility plans for the expansion into new markets.


Patrick graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia where he double majored in Banking & Finance and International Business.

Patrick comes from an international background, having lived in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Mexico, and multiple US states. When not working, you are likely to find him on the golf course, on the ski slopes, traveling to new destinations, cheering on his favorite sports teams, or spending time with his family and friends. Patrick currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Isabel, and their dog, Jordan.

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